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Autumn Colours At Weltenburger Enge

Weltenburger Enge / Donaudurchbruch bei Kelheim

Vibrant autumnal colours at the “Weltenburger Enge” near the town Kelheim in the Altmühltal (Bavaria, Germany)


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Video: Pied Butcherbird Concert in Cape Range National Park

butcherbird kraehenwuerger australien

Pied Butcherbirds are highly gifted singers. We had the chance to film a morning concert sung by up to four birds during our stay at Cape Range National Park…


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Perth and surroundings (Australia Perth – Darwin, Part 1)

western grey kangaroo male

Part 1 of my travel report about our journey from Perth to Darwin: The first days in Perth and surroundings.


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Snorkeling At Ningaloo Reef (Australia Perth – Darwin 2015, part 5)

Grüne Meeresschildkröte Ningaloo Reef

From 22nd to 27th of July 2015 we visited Cape Range National Park in Western Australia.
The National Park’s beaches are the ideal starting point for exploring the underwater world of the Ningaloo Reef, which has been declared a UNESCO world natural heritage site.
This fifth part of my travel report is about our experiences while snorkeling at several spots within Cape Range National Park.


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Gänsesäger, Goosander

Sometimes you discover interesting photography subjects right on your doorstep! This photo was taken a short time ago at a lake called “Baggersee” in Ingolstadt which is a popular local recreation area.


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Affordable camping in New Zealand

Tapotupotu Bay DOC Campsite tent under tree

The cheapest way of staying overnight in New Zealand? Of course, it’s camping! But, you can save even more money if you know the RIGHT campsites. Here is all you have to know about cheap camping in NZ!


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